Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Virginia Cop Arrested for DUI

Sgt. David Conley Cullop, an off-duty Chilhowie police sergeant, was charged with driving under the influence on Friday night. He allegedly crashed head-on into a truck after crossing into oncoming traffic on a bridge.

Luckily, no one was injured in the crash. According to a spokesman for the Virginia State Police, Cullop refused to take a breath test, so he was charged with refusal as well.

The twist to this story is that reports say that Cullop is the same officer who two years ago was honored for saving the life of a police officer who had been hit by a drunk driver. He was presented with a letter of commendation from the chief and the Police Department’s Life Saving Medal a few months later.

Why is it that cops who are hailed as heroes for DUI enforcement are so frequently arrested for drunk driving? I call it the MADD curse. I think a police officer who sees the results of drunk driving every day should know better than anyone not to get behind the wheel after drinking. Especially an officer who watched one of his own almost die due to drunken driving.  Of course, Officer Cullop is presumed innocent unless and until he is proven guilty.  I hope he gets a fair shake in court, and I hope he uses that experience to give defendants a fair shake in the future.

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